US Pat. No. 10,335,907


REO Hydro-Pierce, Inc., ...

1. A method of installing pierce nuts into a solid metal workpiece wherein the pierce nut has a nut body, a pilot collar on one surface and an axial bore through the body of the pilot collar, the method comprising the steps of:a. placing a pierce nut in a punch in an initial position so that the nut is aligned with but out of contact with an installation location in a workpiece;
b. using a gag bar to drive a slug kicker pin through the nut bore while continuing to hold the nut in an out-of-contact position;
c. driving the punch and the kicker pin toward the workpiece until the pilot collar and the slug kicker pin extend though the workpiece so as to install the pilot collar into the workpiece, forming a slug from the workpiece and separating the slug from the workpiece using the kicker pin and, thereafter,
d. withdrawing the punch and the kicker pin from the installed nut to allow another nut to be put into said initial position.