US Pat. No. 10,561,041


PiMEMS, Inc., Pleasanton...

1. A portable device, comprising:a thermal module containing a vapor region and a liquid region for a working fluid, disposed within an outer casing of the portable device, wherein the thermal module comprises a titanium backplane, a vapor cavity and wicking structure formed on a metal substrate;
at least one structural element that gives the portable device strength and stiffness;
an integrated circuit chip in thermal communication with the thermal module such that heat generated by the chip is distributed throughout the portable device by the thermal module; and
wherein the thermal module is coupled mechanically to the at least one structural element by at least one of soldering, welding, swaging, bonding and gluing, adding stiffness to bending out of the primary plane of the portable device.

US Pat. No. 10,458,719


PiMEMS, Inc., Santa Barb...

1. A thermal ground plane, comprising:a metal substrate comprising a plurality of microstructures formed in the metal substrate, forming a wicking structure having the plurality of microstructures;
a vapor cavity, in communication with the wicking structure and the plurality of microstructures;
at least one intermediate substrate with a plurality of protrusions, wherein the plurality of protrusions are directly coupled to each other by at least one cross-member disposed internal to the vapor cavity on the opposite side of the at least one intermediate substrate relative to the metal substrate, and wherein the plurality of protrusions is shaped to increase the effective aspect ratio of the wicking structure by fitting into the plurality of microstructures of the wicking structure in at least one region of the wicking structure; and
a fluid contained within the thermal ground plane for transporting thermal energy from at least one region of the thermal ground plane to another region of the thermal ground plane, wherein the fluid is driven by capillary forces in at least two orthogonal directions, along the microstructures and along the at least one cross member.