US Pat. No. 10,397,971


Oren Raphael, San Franci...

1. A system for establishing between a plurality of users A, B, C, D, each user having a mobile computing device (104, 102,210, 212, 204, 202), a network based on proximity, said system comprising:a server (108)
the server communicating with a plurality of mobile computing devices, each mobile computing device being associated with a user and comprising:
means for connecting the mobile computing device to the server (108) and registering on said server through a network (107);
means for broadcasting of data;
means for detecting of data broadcasted by another mobile computing device;
a database connected to the server and comprising information associating registered users, broadcasted data, and mobile computing devices;
wherein, the server receives communications from the mobile computing devices which use an application set up on the mobile computing device to communicate to the server proximity information from the mobile computing devices obtained by the mobile computing devices scanning and listening for broadcasted data by other mobile computing devices;
wherein the server connects with the mobile computing devices and compares the information retrieved from the detected broadcasted data from other mobile computing devices with the information stored in the database, the server thereby enabling communication between the registered computing devices within proximity of each other.