US Pat. No. 11,027,122


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1. A method of assisting a person having spinal cord neural tissue including a plurality of ascending dorsal column fibers and dorsal roots protected by a dura mater and cerebrospinal fluid, the surrounding tissue forming an epidural space, the person also having at least two pedicles and a vertebral foramen, the method comprising:providing a flexible electrode array having a substrate supporting one or more continuous conductive elements, each of the continuous conductive elements formed by a stimulation contact, a wire-receiving proximal contact, and an interconnect between the stimulation contact and the wire-receiving proximal contact, the continuous conductive element formed having no joints between (1) the interconnect and the wire-receiving proximal contact, and (2) the interconnect and the stimulation contact,
the stimulation contact configured to stimulate one or more of at least a portion of the spinal cord neural tissue and a dorsal root and/or rootlet, at least one of the plurality of stimulation contacts configured to be independently stimulated relative to the other contacts; and
implanting the flexible therapy array in the epidural space where a first portion of the array is positioned adjacent to at least one pedicle so that stimulation contacts are adjacent to at least one dorsal root laterally within the vertebral foramen at one or more vertebral levels in a medically uncompressed manner relative to at least the dorsal root after implanting,
the substrate of the flexible therapy array conforming to the dura mater after said implanting,
the substrate having a first region including the continuous conductive element, the first region having a first thickness of between 0.1 mm and 1.5 mm, the continuous conductive element having a thickness of between 10 um and 150 um.