US Pat. No. 10,988,199



1. A safe two-wheeled self-balancing vehicle comprising:two power wheels;
a motion sensor;
a control circuit;
a chassis structure;
a direction control input device; and
a power source;
wherein the two power wheels are installed at two sides of the chassis structure, the motion sensor is connected to the control circuit and fixed to the chassis structure opposite thereto, the direction control input device is connected to the control circuit, and the control circuit drives the two power wheels;
wherein a protection wheel support is disposed at a front side of the chassis structure, or both the front side and a rear side of the chassis structure; a floating protection wheel is installed at a front end of the protection wheel support;
wherein the floating protection wheel support is connected with the chassis structure or a structure of the protection wheel support and enables the floating protection wheel to move freely in a vertical direction with respect to the chassis structure;
wherein a locking device is connected to the chassis structure and the protection wheel support, and when the locking device is in a locked state, the floating protection wheel is in a location where the floating protection wheel is fixed to the chassis structure, and when the locking device is released, the floating protection wheel moves freely in an up-down direction;
wherein locking and release of the locking device are controlled by an electrically controlled execution mechanism connected to and controlled by the control circuit.