US Pat. No. 10,655,290


J.J. van Boxel Holding B....

1. An arrangement for guiding fish between a first lower situated body of water and a second higher situated body of water, the arrangement comprising a housing comprising:a first opening and a second opening, wherein in use the second opening is situated higher than the first opening; and
a water guide which connects the first opening to the second opening for guiding a flow of water from the second opening through the first opening;
wherein the water guide in use provides a flow trajectory for the flow of water,
the housing further comprising:
a base, and
an inner housing part, wherein the flow trajectory is within the housing and exterior to inner housing part and at least part of the base define a basin configured for containing a volume of water having a reduced velocity relative to a velocity of water in the flow trajectory, and
wherein the first opening provides an entrance configured to allow the fish into the basin.