US Pat. No. 9,989,206



1. A low-voltage, linear architectural lighting assembly for mounting to a surface, the assembly comprising:a plurality of lighting units connected end-to-end, each of the lighting units having a non-metallic base and a removably attached non-metallic cover supported by the base, the base and cover defining an interior space;
the base of each of the plurality of lighting units having a non-metallic mounting plate for mounting the unit to a surface, and defining a non-metallic channel in the interior space;
a plurality of lighting strips having multiple, longitudinally spaced apart light sources, each lighting strip positioned at least in part in the channel of a base; and
the cover of each of the plurality of lighting units having a window positioned adjacent the multiple light sources, and wherein the window transmits light from the light sources.

US Pat. No. 10,180,220


Inception Innovations, LL...

1. A modular outdoor lighting system comprising:a plurality of non-metallic, extruded elongate bases mounted generally end to end on a structural surface;
a plurality of non-metallic, extruded elongate covers removably attached to the elongate bases, each cover having a longitudinally extending transparent or translucent stripe adjacent at least one longitudinally extending opaque and colored stripe;
a plurality of spaced apart LED light sources electrically connected to one another, the light sources positioned within an interior passageway defined by the attached bases and covers, the light sources positioned proximate the transparent of translucent stripe to transmit light therethrough.

US Pat. No. 10,398,003


Inception Innovations, In...

1. A method of controlling the general purpose color-changing lights on a premises, the method comprising:in a premises network connected to a service network, via the internet, the premises network having an electronic security system, a color-changing light controller, a plurality of general purpose color-changing lights controlled by the light controller and positioned throughout the premises and used as non-emergency, general purpose light sources providing illumination in rooms of the premises, a color-changing light gateway, and an internet router;
connecting the premises network, via the internet, to the service network, the service network having a server;
transmitting color-changing light control data between the service network, and the premises network; and using the color-changing light control data:
controlling the general purpose lights to emit a controlled lighting code via the color-changing light controller of the premises network by changing the color of light emitted from the general purpose lights from an initial color to a pattern of alternating colored light and white light, and communicating by the controlled lighting code an emergency condition of fire by alternating red and white light and an emergency condition requiring police by alternating blue and white light; and
placing control parameters limiting the control options available to a user for selective operation of the color-changing lights of the premises to prevent use of the controlled lighting code for non-emergency purposes.