US Pat. No. 10,485,092



1. A multilayer bus board comprising:a multilayer stacked assembly having a plurality of layers including a pair of electrically conductive layers and a dielectric layer disposed between and adjoining each of the conductive layers; and
a molded frame formed of an insulating polymer material, the frame having a peripheral portion encapsulating end portions of the dielectric layer and the conductive layers to maintain the conductive layers and the dielectric layer in position relative to each other, the frame defining an enlarged opening through which an external surface of an outer one of the layers is exposed.

US Pat. No. 9,155,200


Interplex Industries, Inc...

1. A method of fixing reflowable elements on electrical contacts, the method comprising:
providing a strip including a plurality of electrical contacts, each contact including a contact body and a tail portion extending
away from the contact body;

disposing each tail portion of the plurality of electrical contacts adjacent an elongate reflowable member;
moving the elongate reflowable member with respect to the contacts, such that at least a part of each tail portion is inserted
into the reflowable member;

cutting the elongate reflowable member into a plurality of separate reflowable elements, each reflowable element corresponding
to a respective tail portion; and

separating the electrical contacts from the strip.

US Pat. No. 10,522,945



1. A connector for connection to a substrate for mounting electronic devices and/or electrical devices, the connector comprising:a housing having opposing first and second ends with openings, respectively, and a plurality of wall structures, at least a first one of the wall structures having an abutment surface located inwardly from the second end;
a plurality of coupling contacts disposed within the housing, each of the coupling contacts comprising a pair of elements having opposing first and second end portions, respectively, the elements in each pair being joined together, intermediate the first and second end portions, with the first end portions being separated by a first space and the second end portions being separated by a second space, the coupling contacts being arranged serially in the housing such that the first spaces are aligned to form a first receiving groove disposed at the first end of the housing and the second spaces are aligned to form a second receiving groove disposed at the second end of the housing; and
a mounting contact extending into the housing and having a bar section joined to a fastening structure that is adapted for securement to the substrate, the bar section adjoining the abutment surface of the housing and being at least partially disposed in the second receiving groove formed by the coupling contacts.

US Pat. No. 10,700,462


Interplex Industries, Inc...

1. A connector housing for an electronic/electrical device, the connector housing comprising:an enclosure defining an interior space in which the electronic/electrical device may be disposed, the enclosure including a wall with an opening extending therethrough and a shroud joined to and extending from the wall; and
a header connector secured to the enclosure so as to extend through the opening in the wall, the header connector comprising:
a plastic mounting block having a plurality of sidewalls joined to, and extending from, a laterally-extending structure, the sidewalls being spaced apart to define a plurality of slots arranged in a lateral direction;
a plurality of contacts at least partially disposed in the slots of the mounting block, respectively, the contacts being arranged in a plurality of rows that each extend in the lateral direction such that a plurality of the slots each contain a plurality of the contacts from different ones of the rows, with each of the slots containing not more than one of the contacts from any one of the rows, the contacts each having a first section and a second section, the first section including a connector end disposed inside the shroud and the second section including a plurality of retention tabs and a tail end for connection to the electronic/electrical device, the retention tabs extending in the lateral direction and engaging the mounting block to help secure the contacts to the mounting block; and
a keeper connected to the mounting block, the keeper having a plurality of passages through which the contacts extend, respectively, so that the tail ends of the contacts protrude from an outer surface of the keeper.