US Pat. No. 10,169,537


Forward Health Group, Inc...

1. A computer-implemented method for the automated visualization of patient medical information and medical data over an Internet network, comprising:storing medical data of patients for each of at least one medical provider and at least one payor organization in a plurality of datasets, wherein each of the datasets in the plurality of datasets is stored in a computer memory accessible over the Internet network separately from each of the other datasets, each of the plurality of datasets including at least an electronic medical record and a secondary healthcare record, the electronic medical record and the secondary healthcare record stored separately and having at least one common key;
normalizing the medical data by executing database-specific calls to each of the datasets over the Internet network and retrieving at least some of the medical data from the plurality of datasets by a normalizer, the normalizer configured to generate a set of metadata based on at least one quality measure of the medical data and generate normalized medical data for the set of metadata using a denominator to define a patient population having the at least one quality measure;
populating a database with the normalized medical data, the database operably coupled to the Internet network, wherein the normalized medical data is stored separately from the plurality of datasets to create a medical data superset for each patient including medical data common to each patient stored among the plurality of datasets;
configuring an application layer operably coupled to the Internet network to enable communication between the database of the medical data superset for each patient and a dashboard over the Internet network;
displaying an output of normalized medical data on the dashboard, the dashboard displayed on a user device operably coupled to the Internet, the dashboard configured to:
enable a user to select one of a set of display options from the set including: a Venn diagram-type output, a scatter plot-type output or an orbit plot-type output;
display medical data for the patient population captured by the at least one quality measure using the display option selected by the user; and
enable the user to further interactively select details of a particular data section displayed in the display option.