US Pat. No. 10,214,881


Flow Stop, LLC, Muenster...

1. A water flow control device having:(a) a water inlet;
(b) a flow sensor assembly in fluid communication with the inlet, wherein the flow sensor assembly includes a flow sensing impeller;
(c) a shut-off assembly located downstream of and in fluid communication with the flow sensor assembly, wherein the shut-off assembly includes
(i) a shut-off valve, and
(ii) a valve activation solenoid assembly, wherein the valve activation solenoid assembly comprises:
a solenoid shaft,
a solenoid spring,
a trigger cone, and
a pair of retainer arms that pivot between a first position and a second position about pivot pins, wherein when the retainer arms are in the first position each retainer arm biases a surface of a retainer ball thereby forcing the retainer ball to interface with a radial undercut of a value stem and when the retainer arms are in the second position each retainer arm moves away from the valve stem releasing the interaction of the retainer ball and the radial undercut of the valve stem;
(d) a controller configured to receive input from the flow sensor assembly, determine if the received input falls within predetermined flow characteristic limits, and to send a signal to the shut-off assembly whenever the received input falls outside of the predetermined limits; and
(e) a water outlet, wherein the outlet is located downstream of and in fluid communication with the shut-off assembly.