US Pat. No. 10,020,644


FlexAbility Concepts, LLC...

1. A raceway comprising:a first segment having opposing first sidewalls and a first partition between the first sidewalls, each of the first sidewalls and the first partition having a laterally-extending protuberance defining a respective cavity;
a second segment having opposing second sidewalls each defining a longitudinally-extending tab (sidewall tabs) slidingly retained by the first segment's respective sidewall protuberance and a second partition between the second sidewalls defining a longitudinally-extending tab (partition tab) slidingly retained by the first segment's partition protuberance, the second segment operably connected to the first segment so that the segments are selectively movable in relation to each other, wherein the first segment's sidewalls overlap the respective second segment's sidewall tabs and the first segment's partition overlaps the second segment's partition tab to define separate longitudinally-extending compartments in the raceway at all selected movable positions of the segments with respect to each other.

US Pat. No. 10,214,902


FlexAbility Concepts, LLC...

1. A stud layout locker in a bracing assembly configured to support studs in a wall structure, each stud having a web defining an opening, the bracing assembly having a number of the stud layout lockers operably joined together end-to-end and substantially horizontal with a stud captured between adjacent stud layout lockers, each stud layout locker comprising:a longitudinally-extending beam;
a first end of the horizontal beam defining an upwardly-directed tab having a laterally-directed width, and having edges defining opposing transversely-directed open-ended slots configured to receive the web between opposite edges of the slots in the operably joined together end-to-end configuration; and
a second end of the horizontal beam having an upwardly-directed flange defining a slot having a laterally-directed width that is larger than the laterally-directed width of the upwardly-directed tab.