US Pat. No. 10,397,955


FRONTSIDE, Seongnam (KR)...

1. A method for uplink transmission in a wireless local area network, the method comprising:establishing, by a station, a connection with an access point (AP);
receiving, by the station, information about a first basic service set (BSS) color identifying a BSS managed by the AP;
receiving, by the station, a first physical layer protocol data unit (PPDU), the first PPDU including a second BSS color and a first duration field;
comparing, by the station, the first BSS color and the second BSS color to determine whether or not the received first PPDU is from the AP; and
when the second BSS color matches with the first BSS color and the first PPDU requests a transmission of a second PPDU, transmitting, by the station, the second PPDU to the AP as a response to the first PPDU, the second PPDU including a second duration field,
wherein the first duration field of the first PPDU indicates an estimated time required to transmit the second PPDU,
wherein the second PPDU does not include any frame that solicits a control response frame to be sent by the AP when a value of the second duration field is set to zero, and
wherein the control response frame includes an acknowledgement frame for acknowledging the second PPDU.

US Pat. No. 10,412,764


FRONTSIDE, Seongnam (KR)...

1. A method for transmitting a physical layer protocol data unit (PPDU) in a transmission opportunity (TXOP), the method comprising:transmitting, by a transmitting station, a request to send (RTS) frame for initiating the TXOP to a plurality of receiving stations, the RTS frame including a bandwidth field and a plurality of allocation fields, the bandwidth field indicating a first bandwidth in which the RTS frame is transmitted, each allocation field indicating a second bandwidth in which a clear to send (CTS) frame is to be sent by a corresponding receiving station;
receiving, by the transmitting station, a plurality of clear to send (CTS) frames as a response to the RTS frame from the plurality of receiving stations;
determining, by the transmitting station, a transmission bandwidth of a PPDU to be sent based on the first bandwidth and the second bandwidth; and
transmitting, by the transmitting station, the PPDU in the determined transmission bandwidth during the TXOP,
wherein, when the second bandwidths for all of the plurality of allocation fields are equal to the first bandwidth, the transmission bandwidth of the PPDU is set to a bandwidth equal to or narrower than the first bandwidth.