US Pat. No. 10,143,103



1. A system for controlling industrial and domestic devices, comprising a monitor and a cylindrical body,wherein:
said monitor comprises a liquid crystal display multitouch screen adapted for optical display and for data entry by a user, a panel that supports said multitouch screen and that has an interface adapted to receive said cylindrical body and circuitry adapted to process and exchange data;
said cylindrical body further having a cavity adapted to contain a data receiving device, said cylindrical body being further adapted to be fixed to said industrial and domestic devices; and
said cylindrical body being fixed in a hole measuring 22 mm provided in said panel of said monitor, and said data receiving device being constituted by exactly one Ethernet cable providing simultaneous energy and data transmission to said multitouch screen, said Ethernet cable being arranged inside said cavity of said cylindrical body;
said system further comprising:
an enclosure adapted to shield electromagnetic interferences and adapted to contain said cylindrical body and said monitor;
a second screen based on capacitive technology, which is arranged on said multitouch screen and is connected to said enclosure adapted to shield electromagnetic interferences and having gaskets with an IP69 K protection level;
a heat sink;
a frame adapted to support said screen and electronic circuitry of said monitor.