US Pat. No. 10,272,670


Enjet Co. Ltd., Suwon-si...

1. An ink jetting apparatus with multi-nozzles, the apparatus comprising:a liquid droplet generating unit configured to generate liquid droplets from ink and to jet the liquid droplets through the multi-nozzles;
an evaporation control unit configured to guide the liquid droplets jetted from the multi nozzles to protect the liquid droplets from thermal and physical disturbance and to control evaporation of the liquid droplets,
the evaporation control unit comprising a spacer, a focusing electrode and a heating unit, wherein
the spacer forms a path guiding the liquid droplet jetted from the liquid droplet generating unit,
the focusing electrode is arranged below the spacer and has a through-hole for discharging the liquid droplets that passed though the spacer, and is configured to allow the liquid droplets to be focused to a center of the through-hole and discharged using a voltage applied, and
the heating unit is formed as an electric heating plate arranged below the focusing electrode for heating the focusing electrode.

US Pat. No. 10,772,211


ENJET CO. LTD., Suwon-si...

1. An apparatus for injecting ink to form a pattern by adhering the ink injected from a nozzle onto a substrate, the apparatus comprising:a cartridge nozzle assembly, in a cartridge type, including:
a chamber accommodating the ink so as to seal the ink in the chamber; and
the nozzle for discharging the ink accommodated in the chamber; and
a cartridge nozzle fixing member for replaceably fixing the cartridge nozzle assembly; wherein the cartridge nozzle assembly comprises:
a body including: the chamber forming a space for accommodating the ink in the chamber; and an ink supply path forming a path for supplying ink from an outside of the chamber into the chamber; and
the nozzle including: a nozzle body which is in fluid communication with the chamber and which extends to have a constant tube diameter; and a nozzle tip formed to have a tube diameter tapering toward an end of the nozzle body and configured to discharge the ink; wherein the ink supply path is formed as an ink supply tube inserted into and fixed to a hole communicating between an outer surface of the body and the chamber and formed in a tubular shape to penetrate the chamber and to be spaced apart from a tubular inner surface of the nozzle body.