US Pat. No. 9,059,537



1. An electric connector accessory for a bundle of electric wires, the accessory comprising:
an accessory body configured to be applied laterally against the bundle of wires; and
a nut, the nut being constituted by two half-nuts that are separated by an axial plane,
wherein the accessory body is configured to be held by locking the nut
wherein the accessory body is a single piece and presents a laterally-open ring of generally cylindrical shape, and
the two half-nuts are configured to be assembled together by clip-fastening.

US Pat. No. 10,462,922


Connecteurs Electriques D...

1. A locking device for a rackable piece of electronic equipment, comprising:a first beam extending in a first longitudinal direction and having a U-shaped first mounting member disposed at a first end of the first beam and a first hook disposed adjacent the first end of the first beam; and
a second beam hinged to the first beam, the first beam and the second beam removably engaging at least one lock of the rackable piece of electronic equipment and locking the rackable piece of electronic equipment to a backplane of a rack, the first mounting member and the first hook each removably engage a separate lock of the rackable piece of electronic equipment; and
a spring extending in the first longitudinal direction having a first end fixed to the first beam and an opposite second end attached to a first end of the second beam, and a second end of the second beam is movable in translation relative to the first beam.

US Pat. No. 10,135,188


Connecteurs Electriques D...

1. An enclosure assembly for an electrical connector, comprising:a first housing body having a catch securing the first housing body to a portion of the electrical connector and a stop; and
a lock having a post and an actuation section connected to the post, the lock being movable in an actuation direction between an unlocking position and a locking position in which the post prevents movement of the catch, the actuation section is slidely moved and being spaced apart from the stop so that the lock is allowed to be pivotable from the locking position into a secured position in which the post prevents movement of the catch and the actuation section abuts the stop and prevents movement of the lock in a direction counter to the actuation direction back to the unlocking position.

US Pat. No. 9,899,815


Connecteurs Electriques D...

1. A cable inlet, comprising:
a tubular body; and
a cable inlet interface region removably mounted in a housing interface region of a housing and having
a connection collar extending orthogonally from the tubular body and circumferentially around the tubular body, and
a plurality of protrusions disposed on the connection collar and extending parallel to the connection collar, the plurality
of protrusions abutting the housing and preventing a rotation of the tubular body with respect to the housing.

US Pat. No. 10,170,853


Connecteurs Electriques D...

1. An electrical connector, comprising:a casing having a retaining member including a retaining projection and a retaining groove; and
a connector module having an electrically insulating contact carrier, a stop collar extending at least in sections around the contact carrier and at least partially defining a retaining recess, and a plurality of electrically conductive contacts, the connector module at least partially surrounded by the casing and retained at the casing by the retaining member, the retaining projection of the retaining member engaging the retaining recess and the retaining groove of the retaining member engaging the stop collar, the retaining member exerting a retaining force on the connector module in a direction along a mating direction of the electrical connector and the connector module removable from the retaining member in a direction transverse to the mating direction.

US Pat. No. 10,553,995


Connecteurs Electriques D...

1. A relay socket mountable on a mounting structure, comprising:a main body having an upper part disposed on a first side of the mounting structure and receiving a relay and a lower part extending beyond a fixation edge of the mounting structure to a second side of the mounting structure opposite the first side;
a clipping system disposed on the main body and adapted to lock the main body to the fixation edge; and
an actuation member disposed above the upper part of the main body, mechanically coupled to the clipping system, and movable downwards and/or upwards with respect to the main body and the clipping system to change a locking state of the clipping system.