US Pat. No. 9,856,879


Andritz Frautech S.r.l., ...

1. A separator with a device for separating specific liquids from each other and drawing off fluid in centrifugation separation
equipment, comprising a rotor with a series of conical separation disks inside a separation chamber, a distributor, a top
disk and a main separation disk defining a radius of separation with a plurality of fluid flow channels defined by a plurality
of vanes that have an adjustable outer diameter.

US Pat. No. 10,507,473


Andritz Frautech S.r.l., ...

1. Centrifugal nozzle separator, comprising a bowl (4) manufactured from one single piece and defining pyramidal openings (12) pointing to openings (10) for nozzles (11),wherein the bowl (4) with pyramidal openings (12) further defines a path from an inlet for a suspension into the bowl (4) through each pyramidal opening (12) to the openings (10) for the nozzles (11) that is free from lips and free from an intervening structure, configured to allow flow of a suspension with solid particles from the bowl (4) through the pyramidal openings (12) to the nozzles (11) with minimized turbulence and without passing through an intervening structure that removes solids from the suspension.