US Pat. No. 10,660,112


AVIWEST, Saint Gregoire ...

1. A method for regulating transmission rate during a transmission of audio/video data over a network link between a sender and a receiver, said method being implemented during receptions by the sender of information representing the transmission transmitted by the receiver, wherein the method is implemented by the sender and comprises:a plurality of transmission rate regulation modes comprising a first transmission rate regulation mode, executed at the start of the transmission, wherein the only possible modification to the transmission rate by the sender is an increase, in determining each rate increase value no account being taken of any information representing the transmission, and at least one second regulation mode implemented following the first mode, wherein at least one of the items of information representing the transmission is used to increase or decrease the transmission rate, a change from the first mode to a second mode taking place when one of the items of information representing the transmission indicates that the transmission rate has reached a maximum rate available on said network link;
said transmission rate being shared between a useful-data rate budget comprising the audio/video data, referred to as the useful budget, and a secondary-data rate budget, referred to as the secondary budget, not necessary for the decoding of the audio/video data, only the secondary budget is increased during an increase in the transmission rate, the useful budget being increased only when no information representing the transmission received following an increase in the secondary budget indicates an increase in risk of data loss.