US Pat. No. 10,123,430


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1. A method of providing an electrical connection in a solar cell assembly comprising a circuit board and a silicon-containing layer, the method comprising:disposing a two-step solder on or between the circuit board and the silicon-containing layer, the two-step solder comprising a low melt solder component disposed on a base solder component;
subjecting the low melt solder component to a first processing step of melting the low melt solder component of the two-step solder to form a solder alloy or an intermetallic from the low melt solder component and the base solder component; and thereafter
laser soldering the solar cell assembly at an effective temperature to provide an electrical connection between the circuit board and the silicon-containing layer;
wherein the solar cell assembly further comprising a backing layer coupled to the circuit board and a protective covering coupled to the silicon-containing layer.
US Pat. No. 10,130,995


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1. A method for manufacturing silver powder comprising: providing a basic silver salt solution;contacting the basic silver salt solution, the basic silver salt solution comprising a silver salt and a solvent, with a reducing agent comprising one or more of hydrazine, formaldehyde and borohydride to precipitate silver powder therefrom;
contacting the basic silver salt solution with a first capping agent after contacting the basic silver salt solution with the reducing agent; and recovering precipitated silver powder from the solvent;
and milling the recovered precipitated silver powder for at least 30 minutes in the presence of a second capping agent using a ball mill,
wherein the silver powder has a d50 of from 500 nm to 10 ?m, and a tap density of greater than 2 g/cm3, wherein the first capping agent comprises one or more of lauric acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, iso-stearic acid and oleic acid.

US Pat. No. 10,462,908


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1. A device comprising at least one high-aspect ratio conductive pattern disposed thereon, wherein the device comprises a substrate and wherein the high aspect ratio conductive pattern is produced by:a. disposing a support layer on the substrate defining a spacing having an effective height;
b. disposing a conductive material between the defined spacing of the support layer, wherein the conductive material comprises metal particles, said metal particles comprising a metal or a metal salt capped with a capping agent, wherein the capping agent has a molecular weight of at least about 100 g/mol; and
c. removing the support;
wherein further support layers can be disposed followed by disposing of additional conductive material to increase the effective height of the high aspect ratio conductive pattern, prior to removing the support.

US Pat. No. 10,259,980


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1. A sintering powder comprising:a particulate comprising heterogeneous particles having a mean longest diameter of less than 10 microns, wherein at least some of the particles forming the particulate comprise a metal at least partially coated with a capping agent, wherein the particulate comprises a first type of particles having a longest diameter of from 1 to 100 nm and a second type of particles having a longest diameter of from greater than 100 nm to 50 microns, and wherein the particulate comprises from 81 to 99 wt % of the first type of particles and from 1 to 19 wt % of the second type of particles.

US Pat. No. 10,322,471


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1. A lead-free, antimony-free solder alloy consisting of:(a) from 1 to 4 wt. % silver
(b) from 0.5 to 6 wt. % bismuth
(c) from 7 to 12 wt % indium
(d) from 0.01 to 3 wt % copper
(e) from 0.005 to 1 wt. % of titanium
(f) one or more of the following elements
0 to 1 wt. % nickel
0 to 1 wt. % manganese
0 to 1 wt. % of rare earths, such as cerium
0 to 1 wt. % of chromium
0 to 1 wt. % germanium
0 to 1 wt. % of gallium
0 to 1 wt. % of cobalt
0 to 1 wt. % of iron
0 to 1 wt. % of aluminum
0 to 1 wt. % of phosphorus
0 to 1 wt. % of gold
0 to 1 wt. % of tellurium
0 to 1 wt. % of selenium
0 to 1 wt. % of calcium
0 to 1 wt. % of vanadium
0 to 1 wt. % of molybdenum
0 to 1 wt. % of platinum
0 to 1 wt. % of magnesium
(g) the balance tin, together with any unavoidable impurities.

US Pat. No. 10,465,295


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1. A jettable etchant composition, comprising:8.3 to 11.4 mol/liter of an active ingredient, wherein the active ingredient comprises a first class active ingredient and a second class active ingredient, wherein the first active ingredient is selected from the group consisting of copper (II) sulfate, gold (I) chloride, gold (III) chloride, ammonium fluoride, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, nickel (II) chloride, iron (II) chloride, iron (III) chloride, zinc (II) chloride, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, and lithium hydroxide; and
one or more of 10 to 90 wt % solvent, 0 to 10 wt % reducing agents, <1 to 20 wt % pickling agent, 0 to 5 wt % surfactant, and 0 to 5 wt % antifoam agent,
wherein the active ingredient is capable of at least one of etching and doping a surface layer; and
wherein the etchant composition is configured to be jettable and is configured to exhibit an inverse Ohnesorge number at 25° C. of between 1 and 10 at a printing orifice diameter between 20 and 60 ?m.

US Pat. No. 10,535,628


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1. A sheet of sintering film, comprising:a substrate;
a release coating disposed on the substrate; and
a layer of a dry sintering material having a thickness of about 5 to about 300 microns disposed on the release coating on the substrate;
wherein the sintering material comprises, prior to drying:
(i) a metal powder having a d50 range of about 0.001 to about 10 micrometers, the metal powder comprising about 30 to about 95 wt % of the sintering material;
(ii) a binder having a softening point between about 50 and about 170° C., the binder comprising about 0.1 to about 5 wt % of the sintering material; and
(iii) a solvent in an amount sufficient to dissolve at least the binder;
wherein the substrate is configured to be removed during a lamination process; and
wherein the layer of sintering material is applied in discrete shapes with respect to a surface of the substrate, and the discrete shapes have geometries corresponding to dimensions of a component to be attached using the layer of sintering material.

US Pat. No. 10,660,215



1. Stencil frame for tensioning stencils of an angular shape comprising corner elements, edge elements, fastening elements and tensioning devices with a tensioning device being associated with each edge element;the corner elements each have two, mutually perpendicular, guiding profiles, the two guiding profiles being joined at an intersection of their axes;
the edge elements each have a uniaxial reception profile, each reception profile being connectable to two guiding profiles by loose fit;
each tensioning device has at least one elastic element;
each tensioning device connects between two neighboring corner elements and each tensioning device is connected to one edge element;
wherein a line of force exerted by each tensioning device is parallel to the axis of its corresponding reception profile, and optionally the line of force exerted by each tensioning device is uniaxial with the axis of its corresponding reception profile.

US Pat. No. 10,625,356



1. A thermal managing electrical connection tape comprising:a carrier film; and
a composition including solder powder disposed in a solder flux, the composition being applied to the carrier film,
wherein the composition contains between about 50 wt. % and about 70 wt. % soldering flux and between about 30 wt. % and about 50 wt. % solder powder.