US Pat. No. 10,363,988


668598 B.C. LTD., Burnab...

1. A bicycle having a rear wheel, said bicycle comprising:(a) a frame orientable in a vertical plane, said frame comprising a top tube, a down tube having a bottom bracket at a bottom end thereof for receiving a pedal assembly, and a seat tube coupled to said top tube and configured for receiving a seat post within an upper portion of said seat tube;
(b) a rear suspension for pivotably coupling said rear wheel to said frame;
(c) a rear shock absorber mounted on said frame; and
(d) a linkage pivotably mounted on said frame for coupling said rear suspension to said shock absorber for controlling the wheel path of said rear wheel,
wherein said upper portion of said seat tube comprises a linear tubular sleeve having an opening at an uppermost end thereof for receiving said seat post and wherein at least said upper portion of said seat tube has a longitudinal axis coaxial with said sleeve that intersects said down tube at a location spaced forwardly and upwardly from said bottom bracket,
wherein said upper portion of said seat tube configured to receive said seat post is of a sufficient length to enable at least 4 or more inches of adjustment of said seat post within said seat tube along said longitudinal axis to adjust the position of a seat saddle mounted on said seat post,
wherein said longitudinal axis of said seat tube extends at an angle within the range of 50-75° relative to a horizontal plane passing through said bottom bracket perpendicular to said vertical plane, and
wherein said longitudinal axis extends tangentially relative to the most forwardly intrusive position of said rear wheel and said rear suspension when said rear suspension is under full compression.